Packing for a trip, whether it is a two-day business trip or a six-months travel adventure, can be very stressful. Your packing list will depend on the length of your trip, your destination, the weather, and your planned activities. Here are 10 packing tips for a stress-free travel!

Choose the right bag.

You don’t need to burden yourself with a heavy luggage or fill the space you have. Nowadays, travelers try to bring along only the essentials. Therefore, start with the right bag size to avoid luggage fees or the hassle to drag many carry-ons around airports. Also, make sure that your luggage is consistent with the regulations.

Research your destination.

Do a little of research on your destination beforehand. Whether you need coats, scarf and snow boots or light t-shirts and shorts, it will be easier to pack according the weather conditions.

Plan what you are going to wear.

Planning early what you are going to wear reduces the risks of bringing excess clothing. If you have only a few activities planned or only one business meeting and know the dress code, plan your outfit early for each activity and you will avoid carrying too many.

Make a List.

A week before your departure, make a list to avoid forgetting anything, especially your essentials like your tickets, passport, keys, computers and chargers, and other important documents. A to-do list will be helpful once you get to your destination, you will save time and explore exactly the places that interest you and get to places easily.

Pack early.

We usually tell ourselves we’ll do it later and end up have too little time to pack. Pack your back as you plan outfits and make you list of things to bring. If there is anything you can’t find at home and need to buy, you won’t have to stress about it on the eve of your departure. Also, if you ever have any unexpected events on the day you need to pack, you will thank yourself for having packed early!

Cut the footwear.

Unless you are a shoe fanatic, you don’t need a different pair every day. You can pack one casual pair for going out, one tennis pair for your day-to-day activities as they are very comfortable, and a pair for dressed-up occasions. If you are going for a mountain hike, you sure want to bring your hiking shoes. However, it is recommended to wear light onboard especially on long flight to help your blood circulation.

Roll your clothes.

Travel experts, especially backpacks who go for month long trips and need to pack as much as they can into one bag confess that rolling is superior to folding. Rolling your clothes tightly saves much more space than folding. And the plus is that they won’t have wrinkles from fold creases.

Use packing squares.

Sometimes called packing cubes, packing squares are helpful to prepare your luggage when travelling with different types of clothing. Using a variety of sizes and colors allow you to find what you’re looking for in your bag easily. Underwear or other small items can be stuffed into bigger ones such as shoes, socks and boxes.

Avoid wrinkles.

Ironing is a chore everyone wants to avoid. Especially when travelling. To prevent your clothes from creasing, put them into plastic dry-cleaning bags. When your luggage gets jostled, your clothes will stay smooth in the bag.

Avoid gadgets.

You don’t need to bring along all your electronic devices that will take over a lot of space in your luggage. If you have a Smartphone with enough storage capacity and a decent camera, you won’t need a bigger camera for your photos. Your smartphone may also be more practical to send messages and emails, make phone calls. Don’t forget that nowadays you can ask Siri or your Google Assistant for anything.

Now that your luggage is packed, you are ready to take off. Enjoy your holidays stress-free!