Upgrade your holidays from a wonderful to an unforgettable experience! The Moroccan desert is not only a place where time elapses slowly but also a feast for the senses. Relish its mesmerizing beauty when the sun puts on a show and taste the sweetness of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Let the adventure begin!

Spicy food, bewitching music, colorful markets and lunar landscapes… Morocco has everything to add a sprinkle of magic to your holidays. As soon as your feet touch its golden dunes, you feel like you are entering a new world, filled with peace and calmness.  Life in the desert seems to be very fascinating!

If you are fond of luxurious hotels, the sand dune of Erg Chebbi is the right choice! You can access it easily with a 30-minute camel ride.  However, Erg Chigaga, another natural masterpiece offers a more rustic experience for adventurers. Wherever you go, amazing moments are surely awaiting you.

But before heading for the Saharan desert on a camel back, don’t forget to wear appropriate clothes and accessories to protect you from the scorching sun or the fresh wind. As hospitality is omnipresent in Morocco, you will be warmly welcomed by a delicious fresh mint tea.

There are so many activities that you can try in the desert.  Ride a camel to explore the golden carpet dotted with some giant and stunning palm trees. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can drive a quad or try sandboarding.  You can also get into a hot-air balloon to take in the panoramic view. A smashing experience!

The event that is not to be missed is the sunset! Catch the magic of the desert by watching the sun disappearing in a red-orange sky. After this glorious show, the lamps surrounding the camp tents are turned on, offering a romantic atmosphere. In this beautiful setting, you will be served yummy traditional food around a campfire. Listen to the stories of the region and dance to the rhythmic music. Look up in the sky to gaze at the countless stars shining over the desert. This is the best way to spend an evening in the desert.

In the morning, get up early to marvel at a magnificent sunrise before packing up! You will end your desert adventure with sizzle!