Solo travel is a life-changing experience that helps you to discover your true self, conquer your fears and see the world from a fresh perspective. More and more women are taking solo vacations to embrace independence and a sense of freedom. However, traveling alone requires strong vigilance and good preparation. Before you hop on this independent and thrilling adventure, check out these 10 useful tips! 

1. Do a research
One of the most important steps to do before traveling is to look for information about the destination. Identify the places which are less safe or less visited by checking out some reviews on TripAdvisor. Inquire about health issues, climate and social conditions and make sure that there are emergency services and hospitals nearby your hotel. 

2. Pack the right items
If you like moving from one place to another during your solo travel, it could be inconvenient to carry a heavy backpack. Therefore, pack the right and light clothes and accessories. If possible, choose convertible outfits. You can also put them in packing cubes to protect your belongings and save space. Actually, traveling with a light bag can allow you to escape easily from a difficult situation. A tote bag may come in handy for only the essential items during your short solo tours. 

3. Blend in with the locals.
Act like the local people and dress like them. In conservative countries such as India, it is recommended to wear loose clothes. Shorts and sleeveless tops should be avoided in religious areas. Moreover, do not pull out a map in the middle of a crowded street. Otherwise, you will draw unwanted attention and will become an easy target for pickpockets. 

4. Drink in moderation
Bangkok is the ideal place for merrymakers. If you enjoy going to parties, be careful with your alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcohol can lower your inhibitions. Also, don’t accept drinks from strangers for safety reasons. 

5. Learn the local language
Language barrier can be a big problem when traveling alone. Learning a few words and phrases of the local language can help you to interact easily with the local people and to deal with different situations. 

6. Keep a close eye on your valuables
Do not carry too much money when you are going out. Take only the amount needed and leave the rest in the hotel’s locker. Pick-pocketing can happen anywhere, so be cautious when you are wandering in the streets. 

7. Think about a backup plan.
It’s always good to have a backup plan. Buy travel insurance; it can cover your medical expenses if you lose your money. Also look for a trusted contact who can send you money if ever you are robbed. You can also use a phone tracking application so that your friends are family can ensure that you are safe. 

8. Share your itinerary to your relatives
Send email or messages regularly to your family members and friends. It is important to keep them updated about your solo travel itinerary. They can help you if you get into trouble. 

9. Trust your instincts
Listen to your intuition, it will protect you. If you don’t feel safe in a place, it is better to leave it. 

10. Enjoy your own company
And finally, learn to love your own company. Explore the best local restaurants and cafés, hike mountains, discover the most beautiful trails with a guide. Spending time with yourself will help you to build your mental strength and know yourself better.

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