Travelling is one of the most rewarding experience in life. Whether it is short getaway or a flight to the other side of the globe, we never get bored of packing up and going somewhere new. But traveling can also be expensive, so here are five useful tips from Holidays by BlueSky to save money on your next trip!

Did someone say free activities?

Yes! Free or discounted activities are now possible. When you are planning your trip always do some research about the town or the community calendars to see what’s going on while you are there. Talk to the locals if you can and ask them for some tips about free activities; like concerts in local parks or other free entertainments in the area. You can also visit tourist sites on free days or discount days, for example, in France, access to the Louvre is free the first Sunday of each month. This little, yet big tips will help you save a considerable amount of money.

Eat like a local!

When it involves food, we have all the tips you need. Our first advice is to eat away from the tourist streets. These tourist traps offer expensive and not necessarily tasty food. Instead, pay close attention to where the locals eat and where it is very popular. These places are often more authentic and cheaper. Our second advice is self-catering! Yeah, at first it may look like a waste of time, but you’ll be able to save a lot of money. So for this tip it is better if you book a room or an accommodation with a kitchen area or at least a microwave and a refrigerator. Our last but not least food tip is to bring your own food and water when you go on outings, or long journeys (Plane, buses, trains,) especially when you have kids. Your wallet will thank you later.

Cheers to the off-season!

Off-season is equal to saving money. Firstly, you will be able to save on your flight ticket which is relatively cheap during this period. Secondly, if you have always dreamt of an abundance of luxury in a five-star palace, this is the chance of your life! Accommodations are less expensive and are easily available, as hotels need to fill in. Activities, sightseeing and outings are also at a low price and most importantly, they are less crowded, so you will also be able to save your precious holiday time. Another advantage is with all the money you have saved, you will be able to do other activities or explore new places. Great idea, right?

Who said transportation was expensive?

Absolutely not! If you are a bit of an adventurer who is not afraid to mingle or do some exercises these tips are for you! Use public transport whenever it is possible. You’ll get to discover a more authentic side of the country, you’ll be able to meet locals and it is cheaper than a private taxi, tour operators or renting a car. Walk, walk, walk! Walking is free, and it will give you the opportunity to discover more places, at a slower pace for sure, but without spending much money. However, if walking is too tiresome for you, you can still rent a bike or share a taxi, a car, a van, with other travellers.

Become a budget hero!

Before you go abroad make sure to check the currency, verify card facilities and make a budget. A realistic budget to which you are going to stick. Stepping into an unknown country is always a new adventure full of fun, but also of tourist traps and an impulsive desire to buy things you don’t necessarily need. However, with a good plan, you are less likely to be tempted.

Now that you know our top money-saving tips you can book your ticket to your favorite destination and enjoy a stress-free holiday.