Your Travel Guide

Unwind on sparkling white sand lapped by turquoise waters, get up close to marine or giant land tortoises, feel the fresh marine breeze brushing softly against your face. The archipelago of Seychelles is a little gem that boasts stunning beaches and lush vegetation. It promises unforgettable holidays, combining relaxation and calmness. On this island, where time seems to stand still, you will make rich and wonderful discoveries. So, what are the things to do in Seychelles? Follow this itinerary! 

DAY 1 – Visiting the attractions of Mahe

Mahe is the most populated island in Seychelles, filled with luxury hotels and pristine beaches that are fringed with granite boulders. Anse Intendance, Anse Louis or Beau vallon are some amazing spots that are worth visiting during your holidays. Seychelles’ weather is usually warm and humid. Either in winter or in summer, you can enjoy a good swim in their azure waters which are clear as crystal and end the day on a romantic note by gazing at a striking sunset. If you are looking forward to buy some handicraft products, the central market of the capital, Victoria will satisfy your shopping wishes. While strolling in this colorful place, you will hear the melodious accent of the locals, negotiating with the sellers. Victoria also shelters a natural history museum where you can broaden your knowledge about the flora and fauna of Seychelles. After your visit, make a stop at the ‘’Little Ben’’, the tower clock standing in the centre of the town. 

DAY 2 – Hiking in Mahe

The Seychelles offers a lot of exciting activities. Nature aficionados can explore the mountain road called Sans Souci and take in a wonderful view of the island. You will be dazzled by the scenery which will unfold before your eyes. The copolia hike is suitable for those who are very sporty. It lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours but at the end of it, you will feel rejuvenated. Once you have reached the huge granite boulders, a marvelous view of the east coast of Mahe, St Anne Marie National Park or the islands near Praslin will await you. Also, along the Sans Souci road, you will find the Mission Lodge which was the site of a school for liberated African slaves on the islands and if you go further, you will come across the Seychelles Tea Plantation. 

DAY 3 – Enjoying a day trip in Praslin

From Mahe Island, you can either take a plane or a ferry to go to Praslin. Then head to the Vallée de Mai, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage site. This haven is home to coco de mer palms, magnificent orchids and black parrots. You can also visit the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve which is larger but less renowned than Vallée de Mai. During your visit, you can discover some lush forests and a variety of animals. There are also some lovely sandy beaches such as Anse Lazio, Grande Anse and Anse Volbert to relax on a sunny day with your family or friends. 

DAY 4 – Exploring the oasis of La Digue

La Digue is one of the most beautiful islands to visit, in the archipelago of Seychelles. It offers a complete immersion in the authenticity of the Seychelles… The local people still travel on bicycles and oxcarts. It also features wide wonderful stretches of sand and sea. Do not miss the old copra factory or the vanilla plantation. The Veuve Nature Reserve is also a must-see as it shelters an endangered black paradise flycatcher with black tail feathers, called the widow. To fill your days, you can dive in the translucent waters of the island or climb a rock for an adrenaline rush. 

Day 5 – Discovering the rich fauna and flora of Cousine Island

Keep the best for the end and take a tour to Cousine island. This little piece of paradise is packed with endangered and exotic species of birds and animals such as Inter alia, hawksbill turtle, wedge-tailed shearwater… The granite island is the perfect place for those seeking intimacy or nature lovers who wish to recharge their batteries.