What is FlyGreener?

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change. FlyGreener, BlueSky Carbon Offset Program allows you to compensate for the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions you produce by reducing emissions somewhere else.​


How does it work?

Carbon emissions from travel

Everytime you travel, you generate carbon emissions throughout your trip (flying, lodging, transportation etc)


To compensate for your travel footprint, you can contribute an equivalent amount of your emissions in carbon reduction projects.

The projects

Our selected projects prevent new emissions of CO2 from happening or reduce it. Examples of projects include: Reforestation​, Renewable Energy​, Biofuels​ and Payment for environmental services

The process to offset your carbon

1. We will advise you based on your journey the equivalence based on the amount of carbon emission​

2. Communicate to us your willingness to offset your carbon footprint ​

3. Choose a project you would like to contribute ​

4. After payment is done, a certificate with your name is issued and sent by email​


Good to know 

1. A new project can be registered by CO2 footprint​

2. Carbon Offsetting is non-refundable if you cancel your trip. ​

3. Reports can be downloaded for you.

What you get

Apart from contributing in projects that combat climate change.

Our Corporate and leisure travelers receive a certificate which can be proudly shared on your platforms.

Offset your carbon footprint today!