Are you seeking a peaceful and lush place for your next trip? In just one and a half-hour of flight, you can reach Rodrigues; the little nugget located 550 km away from Mauritius. Delve into an enchanting green landscape comprising of mountains and turquoise lagoons… Here are the best things to do during your visit to Rodrigues.

Climb the highest place of the island: the Mont Limon

Adventurers, who enjoy mountain climbing, go up at the top of the Mont Limon, which is only 398m high and enjoy the best panoramic view of the island and the azure blue ocean surrounding it from the summit.

Ile aux Cocos

Located in the west of the island, Ile aux Cocos is one of the 18 islets close to Rodrigues. The island is notorious for its bird species that transit over there. Among them, there is the Gygis Alba also called the Virgin Bird which is the emblem of the island! If you see a wonderful white bird, it might be the Virgin Bird! Take the time to enjoy being out of time in front of the turquoise water…

François Leguat Giant Tortoise Reserve

In the south part of the island, close to the airport, discover this radiant reserve! With a rich flora and fauna, it protects a variety of endemic plants, trees and animals. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the emblematic giant tortoises! The caves next to the reserve is a unique and must-see place during your visit to this nature park.

Zipline adventure

Ready for a zipline experience? Head to the south of the island and try the longest zipline of the park with its 400m! Through the valley, you’ll see the picturesque mountain, the mysterious ocean, and colorful birds…

St Gabriel’s Cathedral

Did you know that one of the largest churches of the Indian Ocean is located in Rodrigues? The St Gabriel’s Cathedral is a must-see place. Step into this wonderful and ancient church, which is embellished by stones, corals and sand from the island. Religion is an important part of a Rodriguan’s life. So if you want to share a prayer with them, you are most welcome to the communion service, held every Sunday.

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